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Aston Martin DIY

Aston Martin Vantage Airbox Delete kit

Aston Martin Vantage Airbox Delete kit

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Upgrade your Aston Martin Vantage with our Airbox Delete Kit, which replaces the original airbox system. Benefits of this kit include:

  1. Enhanced induction noise.
  2. Notable weight reduction.
  3. Simplified servicing access.
  4. Use of recyclable performance filters, leading to reduced future maintenance costs.
  5. Fully reversable .

Common Misconceptions Addressed:

  1. Hot Air Intake: Many assume that delete kits let in hot air. However, Aston Martins are designed with intakes isolated from the engine bay. By removing the airbox, the cavity between the wheel arch liner and wing essentially becomes a vast airbox. Coupled with the ram air system and side wing vents, this ensures cool and constant airflow, far from hot components.

  2. Water Ingression: There's a belief that open air systems allow water into the engine. For this to occur, the filter would need to be fully submerged, akin to a perforated straw trying to suck up water. If a vehicle reaches such depths, the original intake would be just as susceptible to water ingress. Nonetheless, avoiding deep water with any intake is advised.

Shipping: This item is generally made to order, whilst we try to get the orders out the next day, there can be a wait of up to a week with additively manufactured parts.

Note: This product is made using additive manufacturing. Please refer to our AM policy for more details. 

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